Victorian Window Shutters are one of the most sought after period features of Victorian Homes.

Painted Victorian Shutters

Contrary to popular belief  solid shutters actually become popular in the Georgian Period 1714 – 1840 when many homes still didn’t have glass windows. The earliest shutters more often than not covered the windows from the outside and it was the Georgians that introduced the popularity of shutters on the inside of homes. Shutters inside a home was

considered a luxury item and when they were installed a great deal of effort was put into concealing the shutters in window boxes. They are still a luxury item today although they are much more affordable for the average person now.

By the time Victorians (1837 – 1901) were making and installing shutters they were produced almost production line style. Many sets of shutters have one or two odd sized small panels because many were made to a standard size and adjusted on site with extra small panels to make them fit.

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